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Black History Month

Black History Month

February in the USA, UK, Canada, and Ireland.

This month, we celebrate the history and achievements of black people living in North America and the United Kingdom. Schools have special projects and cities have events, lectures, and exhibitions. Usually, TV stations will show documentaries and movies about African-Americans.

Many history classes in the USA and the UK do not talk about black culture or history. For this reason, many students do not understand racism or believe that black people are an important part of American and British culture. Black History Month helps to educate people and celebrate diversity.

We did not talk about Black History Month in many of my classes, but here are two presentations if you want to learn more:
Part 1 is the politics and history of African Americans in the USA.
Part 2 is some cultural information.

Black Music! I love music and I believe it is a great way to learn about different cultures. So! Here is a play…

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above: Albarracin (left),  the cliffs (acantilados) in California (right)

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