2º ESO

PPT  US History

Try to answer these questions after Lauren's presentation. You will find all the information in the PPT presentation of the main page. The best thing is to write down the questions in your notebook and write down the answers there because we will correct them together. Please, write FULL ANSWERS!!!!!

U.S. History

1. Name some of the Indian tribes that lived in America before the Europeans arrived.

2. How many Navajo Indians approximately are living in America at the moment?

3. When did Christopher Columbus discover the Americas?

4. When did America declare the independence from Britain?

5. What kind of fields did slaves work in?

6. How were the Southern States called in the American Civil War?

7. How were the Northern States called in the American Civil War?

8. What did the Civil Rights Movement want to end?

9. Who was Martin Luther King?

10. What happened in September 11, 2001 in the US?


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