3º ESO

After watching the ppt about US History on the main page, see if you can answer some of these questions:

1. Can you name some of the Native American Tribes?
2. Why were sheep so important for the Navajo indians?
3. What is a "Hogan" and what is it made of?
4. What does "healing" mean in Spanish?
5. In which part of the US do Navajo indians live?
6. When did European colonists begin to arrive in the US?
7. Where did European colonists first settle in the US?
8. In which year did the colonists declare independence from Britain and created the USA?
9. How long did slavery stay in the US?
10. What caused the American Civil War (1861-1865)?
11. What can you say about Jim Crow Laws?
12.  What do you know about the American Civil Rights Movement?
13. Who is Rosa Parks and why is she famous for?
14.Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
15. Who is Barack Obama?
16. Why is September 11, 2001 a sadly well-known date?

I'm sure you'll be able to answer all of them, and remember that some of these questions will appear in your next exam, so don't give up. 


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